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This is important

Have you done it yet taylorswift?
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Things around you are constantly going to change. Nothing is permanent. The only permanent thing we have is ourselves, so make sure you love and accept yourself.
taylorswift to me about growing up at her 1989 Secret Session in Nashville (via bringonall-thepretenders)
Monday, Sep

It all began on Friday, September 26th and I got an message on twitter from Taylor Nation saying that they wanted more information about me. About five minutes later I got a call from Tennessee and I just KNEW IN YM SOUL IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH TAYLOR so I ran out of my french class and took the call. And that’s exactly what it was!! I wasn’t given very many details except to be at a certain address in Nashville at a certain time, which caused a lot of problems for me later due to the ambiguity of the phone call.
After asking 25 people to drive me to Nashville and getting rejected each time, I spent $150 to ride this super sketch bus to get to Nashville but then when I stopped in my hometown of Louisville, KY, my mom told me if I went to Nashville she was going to withdraw me from my college because she thought someone was trying to kidnap me and sell me into slavery and…yeah. I called my best friend of 8 years saucyswift basically hysterically sobbing and by some magical twist of fate, HE HAD ALSO BEEN INVITED AND HE JUST DIDN’T TELL ME (I still don’t forgive you for that, Evan! ;)). So Evan told my mom everything was okay and safe and we were off to Nashville!
OKAY ON TO MORE EXCITING STUFF. We got to our meeting place and I met a bunch of awesome swifties like alltoofuckingwell and johnmarkconklin and I saw breakburnandends from afar but I was too shy to say anything…sigh. wow I’m a loser anyway lmao they gave us these bracelets and I learned how she handpicked all the fans and I started to tear up bUT I HELD IT IN LIKE A TROUPER and we got aboard these nice buses and off we went to Taylor’s Nashville house! They led us to this gorgeous white patio with a pool and there was so much good food omg!? There was sushi, burgers, fruit, pizza, etc. There was black mats on the ground that said “T.S. 1989”. A group of us talked to Tree and she said Taylor always says a quote to her about trust and I think it was a Fitzgerald quote…? I’m a little fuzzy. Anyway, we all ate and mingled and then we WENT INSIDE THE HOUSE AND IT SO GORGEOUS. I don’t really want to go into many details about what I saw to keep their privacy but all I have to say is there was a definite pumpkin motif going throughout where I was in the house and it made me laugh. I actually started counting all the pumpkins I saw.
We all sat down in her mom and dad’s living room covered in giant pillows. After we became situated, out she came and I LOST MY FUCKING MIND. NEVER!!!IN!!MY!!!LIFE!!!!! DID I THINK I WOULD BE THAT CLOSE TO HER OH MY GOD and she was wearing this cute black romper and oh my….my stomach literally dropped to the floor. A couple people shouted out “hey Becky!” and she was like “You guysss! Becky is dead. Let’s have a moment of silence for Becky.” Okay so she played the first half of the album and liKE…..NEVER IN MY LIFE…..HAD I BEEN SO PROUD TO BE SWIFTIE. I WAS SO HAPPY TO BE IN THIS ROOM FULL OF SWIFTIES. I FELT SO AT HOME :’) 
We then had intermission and she handed out cookies but I didn’t get one, unfortunately. But during that time, I finally got a chance to see her up close and like my heart stopped beating…..therE WAS MY ANGEL!!! FROM HEAVEN NO LESS!!! SITTING IN FRONT AND I COULDN’T SAY ANYTHING. I WAS SPEECHLESS. Then people started sitting back down and she came back out with Olivia and SHE SAT DOWN RIGHT NEXT TO EVAN AND I. WITH HER CAT. I. WAS. DEAD. I GOT TO PET OLIVIA. SHE WAS SO SMALL AND SWEET. Evan talked to Taylor about Taylor’s concerns for Olivia’s tail being too small. It was great. She made her way to the front again and showed us the latter half of the album. You guys… this album blew me away. Her ability to take my breath away with her songwriting abilities has only gotten stronger. I wish I could tell you all more but I’ll leave it at that. Just prepare yourself. It’s going to blow you away. 
Photo time was next. We went by groups and I was in the first group. Evan told her how we were best friends and she was like “Oh, I know!! That’s why I invited you both! I saw your picture on instagram of you guys!” and then it was my turn and I didn’t have anything prepared which annoys me now. She hugged me and I could’ve died right there tbh.. and she said “You look beautiful tonight!” and oh ym god…THE QUEEN APPROVES OF MY LOOKS #BYE. I told her about my troubles getting there and I didn’t get enough time to tell how much she meant to me :-( YALL….I COULDNT LOOK HER IN THE FACE BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE LOOKING IN THE SUN. SHES. SO. BEAUTIFUL. And she towered over me and it was intimidating talking to her. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her she could pick and so she was like “Can we do a picture of us on the piano as if we’re in the middle of something and the photographer surprises us?” We took it and then I was like “I love you so much” and I cannot for the life of me remember if she said it back but I do know she gave me another hug. 
Then it was over. I was given this adorable tote bag that I plan on using every single day of my life with merch inside. We got back on the bus and drove back to the original spot where we all met and Evan and I drove back to Louisville. 
Thank you so much, taylorswift! I love you more than life itself. I wish I had told you what exactly you’ve done for me these past 8 years of being your fan but I know I’ll see you again soon. I’m actually tearing up writing this omfg okay. Thank you again for trusting me enough to let me listen to the new album. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.